Sound of the Border

Bayandur, Sound of the Border, is a multimedia film shot as part of the Multimedia Project Promoting Dialogue. The film presents a music school in the village of Bayandur, Armenia, situated on the border between Armenia and Turkey. The school and its students, the children of Bayandur, are symbols of humanity and its creative aspects, in this case music, outside any notion of borders. The Bayandur Music School teaches three instruments: the piano, the trumpet and the bagpipe. Each class has about two to three students. Armenian villages rarely have music schools. This, as well as the fact that the Armenian-Turkish border is only five minutes walk from the village center, makes Bayandur a special place. The multimedia film shows students of the music school and the villagers in general, preparing for a concert dedicated to the 20th anniversary of Armenia's independence. The preparations are happening in and around the village Culture House, where the music classes are conducted and where the concert stage is. The creators of the film, Volkan Doğar and Anush Babajanyan are photographers working in social and documentary areas of photography in Istanbul and Yerevan, respectively. Their joint effort for this film was the representation of music and children playing music as a symbol of no borders, the reason to which was the aim of the Multimedia Project itself: promoting the Turkish-Armenian dialogue